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Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning is the process that ensures every piece of mechanical equipment and every system in a building are functioning at the performance level it was designed for.  New construction is commissioned before the owners take possession from the contractors.  Buildings can also be re-commissioned as part of a change in ownership and many buildings are retro commissioned as part of a modernization program.

JE Engineering performs building commissioning, re-commissioning and retro commissioning services.  We also are well equipped for the special stringent requirements of hospital commissioning, and for providing LEED Certification during the commissioning process.

It Starts with a Comissioning Plan

Putting a Commissioning Plan into place when constructing a new building is a wise decision; that has multiple benefits for both the contractor and building owner.  JE Engineering is ready to do your building commission plan.

A commissioning plan would be based on an “Owner Project Requirements” document which we can help the owner create as required.

As experienced professional mechanical engineers and commissioning service providers, we represent the owner’s interest during the construction process.


Commissioning Specifications

An effective commissioning plan, along with the expertise of JE Engineering, will assure that when building owners take possession of their new facility, it will be fully functional, safe, and comfortable. By involving JE Engineering early in the construction process, we can help discover problems sooner, while the cost to fix them will be less expensive. Change orders will be fewer, and so will the number of disputes that might arise.

A detailed review of the commissioning specifications for each of the systems the building will have: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, fire and life safety, security and more. These systems will each have their own commissioning specifications that must be checked.

Measurement and Verification

During and after construction is completed, JE Engineering will perform measurement and verification testing to be certain that each of the systems is functioning properly. Our experience in TAB (Test Adjust Balance) procedures will assure your building is operating at optimum levels when you take possession.  You’ll receive an extensive report, of course, of our measurement and verification results.  This document will also be valuable when future re-commissioning is performed or an energy auditor is brought in.

With JE Engineering doing your commissioning plan, we’ll prevent the stress and headaches that a new building project can create, and make your project a great experience.

Measurement and Verification




Re-commissioning a building is like doing a tune-up on a vehicle….

You’ll save money if everything is operating at peak efficiency.

It’s More Than Wear and Tear

Pumps, blowers, vent dampers, valves and hundreds of other moving parts all wear out eventually. But it’s more than that.  Your maintenance and operational staff turns over, and some of the special knowledge about your systems is lost.  Meanwhile your employees make “minor” adjustments for their individual comfort and the inevitable small remodelling projects all contribute to getting your building “out of whack”.

Re-commissioning Finds Hidden Problems

For example, one important safety system in your building is easily compromised without your knowledge.  Firestop is designed to compartmentalize your building in case of a fire.  It slows down fire and smoke movement by sealing the spaces behind the walls and ceilings.  Firestop systems can be easily compromised by the simple act of running new cables for computers, phones, or electrical items.

Re-commissioning Saves Money

Even with something as small as a motorized vent damper not opening correctly that can lead to some rooms being too hot and others being too cold.  Thermostats get adjusted to compensate, small fans or even space heaters get brought from home and your electric bill climbs incrementally.

Building re-commissioning performed by our qualified mechanical engineers will save you money in the long run by keeping occupants more comfortable and your energy systems operating at peak efficiency.


Retro Commissioning

Retro-commissioning is commissioning done on an older building.  Older buildings are often a good investment, but only if you know what you’re getting into.

Retro-commissioning doesn’t look at the original specifications of the building, but instead focuses on opportunities for improving the building in cost effective ways.

Energy Savings through Retro-Commissioning.

JE Engineering might discover that replacing an older heating and cooling system could have an ROI of just 2 years.  Or that upgrading insulation will drop your energy bills by 10%.  In fact, it’s not unusual to find 30% in energy savings during the energy audit portion of a retro-commissioning program.

Retro-Commissioning, Life Safety, and Sick Buildings

In the last 20 years, major changes have been made in safety systems in our buildings.  “Fire Safety” has become “Life Safety” with an emphasis on minor changes that save lives by containing not just fire, but smoke transfer as well.  JE Engineering can offer safety suggestions that could lower insurance costs enough to provide a surprisingly fast ROI.

Older buildings often contain other hazards that might contribute to Sick Building Syndrome.

These could include building materials with asbestos, lead paint or other dangerous chemicals, water problems leading to dangerous mold infestations, or faulty systems leaking carbon monoxide or other dangerous fumes.  JE Engineering will discover health related problems and put together a plan to resolve them.
We’re experts at retro-commissioning older buildings.  We look for solutions with a good ROI for any problems we discover.  If you’re considering purchasing an older building we would be happy to tailor our commissioning project to provide you the “big picture” you need to make the right decision on that building.


Healthcare Commissioning

Health commissioning brings with it an added emphasis on life safety factors when we commission a building.


JE Engineering has extensive experience in working with these special factors involved in health and hospital commissioning and has provided hospital owner’s with “Total Building Commissioning” services which include thermographic building envelope scanning, medical gases, emergency generation and transfer switches, fire protection and alarm and the very important smoke evacuation systems in operating rooms.

We’re specialists in dealing with health and hospital commissioning plans and can help you make sure your facility surpasses all expectations.