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Mechanical & Plumbing Design

JE Engineering Inc. has been providing professional engineering and consulting services to a variety of clients with an emphasis on HVAC and Plumbing Design, building commissioning and systems performance optimization, DDC controls and energy management since 2001.

JE Engineering Inc. offers a variety of commercial and institutional building related services. Using a combination Auto Desk Design Suites Package 2014, RS Means “CostWorks”, MasterSpec and Trane Trace Ultra, JE Engineering can provide complete construction documents for both new and retrofit projects. With a significant amount of hands-on, digital controls, fire protection/alarm and energy retrofit experience, JE Engineering is uniquely qualified to provide building assessments, energy analysis, project cost estimating, retrofit and new project design along with building commissioning and retro-commissioning services.

JE Engineering specializes in prompt efficient and cost effective design of building mechanical systems.  JE Engineering Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide engineering services to Flathead Valley Architectural firms. JE Engineering principals have over 30 years of combined experience providing design services for institutional, educational, banking, high-end residential and office buildings. This experience provides you with competitive rates and an in depth understanding of local building trends, construction costs and local code requirements.

3D Building Design


LEED Certification with JE Engineering


LEED Certification tells your employees, customers and anyone who interacts with your business that you’re concerned about the environment. The fact that LEED Certification is good for your bottom line is a bonus. A “green building” certification means that your building is wasting very little energy and your building occupants are more productive since their working environment is more comfortable and they are less likely to be out with workplace connected illness.

There are three roles that JE Engineering can play in helping you earn your LEED certification:

  1. LEED Engineering
  2. LEED Commissioning
  3. LEED Consultant

LEED Engineering

As your LEED Engineering Firm, JE Engineering would work with your architectural and contracting partners to develop a plan for earning a LEED Certification. We have vast experience in Mechanical Engineering and our broad knowledge of sustainable products and methods.

JE Engineering also has a significant amount of experience in providing both LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning from design review through the 10 month post construction review of building performance.

As LEED Consultant JE Engineering is very familiar with the LEED Online process so we can provide leadership to the LEED construction team to help ensure the highest performing building and LEED certification level, as well as take care of the LEED Online documentation of all credits.