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Strategic Energy Management, Energy Audit Services, Energy Models, Measurement and Verification
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Strategic Energy Management

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Strategic Energy Management, Auditing, Energy Modeling & Assisting in Energy Building Certifications such as LEED

JE Engineering, Inc., located in Kalispell, Montana, has extensive experience in all phases of energy projects that include, but are not limited to renewable energy, sustainable energy, and energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED.

Strategic Energy Management

JE Engineering, Inc. is available for Consulting/Auditing/Energy Management Solutions – They can assist you in strategic planning, energy assessments, developing and executing of energy audits, audit plans and energy management solutions.

Energy Audit Services

Including, but not limited to, developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans and/or performing energy and water audit services. Energy audits may range from cursory to comprehensive. Including, but not limited to data collection, data analysis, benchmarking with tools such as Energy Star, and written recommendations of suggested upgrades of electrical and mechanical infrastructure, including their impact on energy consumption and pollution. It can include recommendations for using alternative Energy Sources and energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED.

Energy Models

Energy models can be done to create the most energy efficient buildings and may be used in building certification programs such as LEED and sometimes to attain incentives provided by various government or utility programs.

Measurement and Verification

The performance assessment and measurement of the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the project and can include long term monitoring, verification of savings and benchmarking.